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Duolin Respules

Duolin 1.25mg/500mcg Respules 2.5ml is used for the treatment...

Price $4.00

Bactilem - 1.5GM

Bactilem 1500mg Injection is an antibiotic medicine used to...

Price $5.30

Pansec IV

Pansec 40mg Injection is a medicine that reduces the amount of...

Price $4.00

Volini Spray

Provides relief in case of muscle pain, sprain, pain in the...

Price $8.00

Pipzo IV

1.Pipzo 4.5gm Injection is a combination of two antibiotics....

Price $6.00

Artipen 60MG

1.Artipen 60mg Injection is an anti-parasitic medication. It...

Price $4.00

Montair LC Syrup

1.Montair LC Kid Syrup is a combination medicine used in the...

Price $6.00